Corporate Partnerships

Tangen Biosciences, Inc. has developed a team of professionals that is capable of overcoming many challenges to assay development.

Tangen believes in the evolution of diagnostic technologies.  The pace of innovation is extremely rapid. No individual firm can hope to gain or retain technological and market superiority in any given area for long. The pressure of competition, the rapid spread of innovative ideas, and new patterns of demand compel companies to measure themselves against rival firms early in the development cycle, and then rapidly exploit, in the widest possible market, any competitive advantages that arise from a lead in innovation.

Tangen has a team of experienced professionals:

  • Two leaders in developing the first gene sequencing technology cleared by the FDA;
  • Early developer of chip-based gene sequencing products;
  • Scientific team experienced in isothermal amplification and assay development;
  • Deep Molecular Diagnostic manufacturing experience with largest diagnostic companies;
  • Broad experience in technologies for sample preparation for molecular diagnostics;
  • Software development in molecular diagnostics;
  • Wide market device design experience;
  • Extensive Quality Management Systems experience;
  • Regulatory experience in clearing molecular diagnostic products through the FDA;
  • Comprehensive experience in protocol development and the conduct of clinical trials.



Tangen is prepared to work with Corporate Partners to develop Molecular Diagnostic solutions for a variety of applications.