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Isothermal methods for amplifying nucleic acid samples

Two-stage amplification process to improve assay sensitivity and detect SNPs


Pending Priority Date: 2014-07-16



Apparatus and method for cell, spore, or virus capture and disruption

Sample processing apparatus

Application WO 2016/073353 A1

Pending Priority Date: 2014-11-03



Apparatus and method for extracting pathogens from biological samples

Sonic apparatus for cellular disruption

Application US20170274376A1


Priority Date: 2016-03-28


A method for suppressing non-specific amplification products in nucleic acid amplification technologies

U.S. Application Serial No. 62/792,613

Provisional Patent Filing Date: 
January 15, 2019
Blocking non-specific false positives in isothermal nucleic acid amplification reactions


No-Template False Positive Suppression