Medical Applications

Meets most of The World Health Organization’s ASSURED criteria for remote testing1

  • Affordable
  • Sensitive
  • Specific
  • User-friendly
  • Rapid/robust
  • Deliverable to end users

Future Growth in Molecular Diagnostic Testing is Outside the Traditional Laboratory:

Three major changes in the healthcare field:2

(1) reduction in inpatient admissions that is driving the growth of bedless or mini-hospitals;

(2) provision of first-tier outpatient care in walk-in clinics such as CVS MinuteClinic®

(3) the transfer of some inpatient care to patients’ homes, partly as a cost-reduction strategy.


Emergency Department

Enables more rapid clinical decision making in the process of diagnosis, (rule-in or rule-out), treatment choice and monitoring, and prognosis, as well as operational decision making and resource utilization.

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Clinics & Urgent Care Centers
  • Improve patient care with real-time treatment recommendations.
  • The long wait times to see a family practitioner or PCP may be driving patients toward urgent care clinics and walk-in clinics for which no appointment is required.

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  • 67,000 Pharmacies in US.3
  • Currently, more than 10,000 pharmacies nationwide are registered as CLIA-waived laboratories.4

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Drug Development
  • Use in Translational Research for assay development

  • Build on Basic Scientific Research
  • Clinical Research using validated assay
Companion Diagnostic
  • Assay development
  • Provide information for safety and effectiveness for use with a corresponding drug or biological product
Remote Testing
  • Deployable molecular diagnostic device
  • Results comparable to laboratory-based molecular diagnostic technology

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