Our Value Proposition

Although we have better stains, better microscopes, and novel agar media types, standard microscopy and culture methods have not changed dramatically in more than a century. Recently, new technologies have brought great advances in infectious diseases diagnostics. Clinical microbiology is currently in transition and standard-of-care testing is now a hybrid of old and new methodologies.1

For Doctors and Patients
  • An aid diagnosing blood stream infections within the critical 3-hour window prescribed by CMS rather than 1 – 5 days required by current blood culture methods.
  • Ever expanding menu of tests.
For Hospitals and Payers
  • Reduces overuse or misuse of antifungals and antibiotics.
  • Reduces the high cost of improperly treated patients who have longer stays due to lack of timely and correct treatment.
  • Small Format with Rapid Test makes the best use of lab space, and enables high rate of assay kit use per square foot (pull-through). Will allow for rapid replacement of instruments and disposables, limiting down-time
For Company and its Investors
  • Large unmet need should drive rapid adoption and high kit pull-through
  • Fast, effective, and economic service model enabled by low cost instrument and small form factor.  Overnight–shipped replacement instruments can be economically viable.
  • No cold chain Assay kits which lowers shipping & storage cost for simplified logistics

Low cost of manufacturing and logistics should drive profitability within first year of commercial launch.

  1. Caliendo, AM, et al. Better Tests, Better Care: Improved Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases. Clin Infect Dis. (2013) 57(Suppl 3): S139–S170.