The TangenDx™ System is a diagnostic tool that was designed for today’s and tomorrow’s health care environment, providing health care professionals and their patients with an easy to use, affordable, sensitive, portable and real time solution to pathogen identification.

Non-medical applications of molecular diagnostics have become more achievable with technologies optimized for the needs of various disciplines.

For example, environmental molecular diagnostics (EMDs) is a collective term used to analyze biological characteristics of soils, sediments, groundwater, and surface water. Advances have been made in adapting and applying EMDs for site characterization, remediation, monitoring, and closure. EMDs are important and valuable because they can provide key information not available using traditional analytical methods (e.g., groundwater analysis for volatile organic compounds). While they are intended to complement these traditional methods, EMDs can bring a new perspective to all stages in the environmental management decision-making processes. The sample flexibility and remote testing capabilities make the TangenDx™ System uniquely qualified to take on an active role in EMDs.

The TangenDx™ System provides accurate test results in just one hour:

  • Rapid, accurate molecular diagnostic technology
  • Low cost, lightweight, portable, battery-powered system
  • No cold chain reagent requirements
  • Accepts a variety of specimen types and volumes