What We Do

Tangen Biosciences, Inc. is a molecular diagnostics company.  Our TangenDx™ System provides rapid isothermal nucleic acid detection, with the specificity and sensitivity of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification.  The design of the TangenDx™ System allows remote site testing by employing battery power in a format that is simple to use.

These characteristics enable accurate detection of targeted DNAs and RNAs directly from specimens faster, more simply, at greater sensitivity, and at a lower cost than existing commercial technologies. Results are delivered in a portable system that does not require laboratory facilities.

Portable and Simple To Use
  • Large Volume Concentrator (LVC™) is the universal capture device for all specimen types.
  • Capping the LVC™ adds lysing buffer to pathogen.
  • Inserting the LVC™ into the TangenDx™ Instrument initiates lysing step.
  • LVC™ delivers nucleic acid to assay disk to initiate reaction.
  • Employs a rechargeable lithium ion battery for up to 8 hours of operation.
  • Remote testing capable.
Rapid Results
  • The Specimen Processing Unit requires approximately 5 Minutes to capture and concentrate pathogen.
  • No culture step required.
  • Nucleic acid delivery to Assay Disk initiates assay reaction.
  • Centrifugation steps move liquid reactants through the Assay Disk.
  • Results available in under one hour.
  • Identifies pathogen specifically.
Unprecedented Sensitivity
  • Flexibility of Specimen Processing Unit allows processing of various volumes from various sources.
  • “Hot Start” of reaction minimizes non-specific reactions.
  • Current Tangen Candida BSI Panel Assay Kit sensitivity to 1-3 CFU/mL blood.
  • Tangen Mycobaterium tuberculosis Assay sensitivity to 13 genome copies.
  • Tangen Bacillus anthracis BSI Assay sensitivity below 10 CFU/ml blood.
Low Cost
  • TangenDx Instrument cost below $5,000. Allows low cost Multi-Instrument Array configuration.
  • Tangen Panel Assay costs equivalent to existing molecular diagnostics.
  • Adaptable to wide variety of environments without modification.